The Three Cs of the Interactive Internet: Content, Construction, and Collaboration

A Presentation for the QAIS Symposium - April 16 2007 - Laval QC

Scott Morrison (Selwyn House)
Sharon Peters (Lower Canada College)

The downloadable print copy is available here in pdf format. Please respect the Creative Commons Share-Alike license.

Participants will follow demonstrations of various interactive web-based (Web 2.0) communication tools (including blogs, moodles, wikis, social bookmarking, and podcasts) by two QAIS educators and, if possible, experience (hands on) these tools on their own laptops. The workshop will address both pedagogical and administrative use of Web 2.0 tools and offer examples for collaborative learning projects. In particular, participants will leave the workshop with ideas for types of learning projects, transforming existing learning activities, real-life examples of collaborative exchanges, a directory of available tools, strategies for project management and evaluation, and guidance for implementing the latest QEP standards. The presenters encourage interaction during and after the workshop to exchange ideas, experiences and ask questions.

Web 2.0 - The NEW Interactive World Wide Web:


This document is both a presentation and a working document. As a presentation, it represents a dialog over a few weeks time between Sharon and Scott. We may go off on tangents, but in a web of meaning, tangents are often the most fruitful learning opportunities. Feel free to explore.

This is also a work in progress -- as such it reflects only two people's experiences, ideas, and opinions. We welcome you to add to this document with comments, questions, added links, ideas.